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Meet Us

Hello Friends

We are Schrack & Co. Photography.  We are a husband and wife photography team. My name is Kyana and my Husband's name is Logan. Our style of photography is considered light, airy and film-inspired. We aim to deliver final products that capture the joy and elegance in our photos and we always strive to produce photos that are timeless. 

perfect love casts out fear

hello there, we are the Schrack's! 
We began this journey well over 5 years ago now.  We can say that working with your best friend, is the absolute greatest! We both have loved photography since our elementary years. 

Logan has been an artist, literally a painter, since his early childhood years. I might add, He is really amazing at it. he brings a unique aspect to our photography business by capturing and creating memories in a new and fresh perspective. I (Kyana), have been into photography since I received my first Polaroid camera at 4 years old. It was love at first click, and the thrill of seeing my photos develop after I took them was a bit too addictive. 

Being able to actually live out our dream isn't something we take lightly. We feel fortunate and beyond blessed that people would allow us to capture their special day, moments, and memories. we desire to deliver a product that feels unique and tailored to you, that you would feel like your photos aren't like anyone else's, but that they truly capture who you are.
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